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Blast Baseball – 4.3 Update with Swing Tracer

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The latest update to Blast Baseball (4.3) includes a 3D Swing Tracer. This feature allows you to instantly analyze your swing path and swing metrics. When used it in-game in offline mode, your 3D swing is captured and saved for viewing in the video library for later. When used in live mode, your swing is rendered in real-time, making it easier to make adjustments and see the results. With a Blast Connect subscription, you can can export any 3D swing as a video clip for further analysis, sharing with a coach, or side-by-side swing comparison against video clips in your library, synced at impact.

For additional videos about Blast metrics and how to improve, checkout this playlist:

Blast Baseball is the Complete Hitting Solution for players, coaches, and teams. The same technology used by MLB teams.

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