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FM18 – What If The NFL Switched to Soccer – FM Editor – Football Manager 2018

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Welcome to my Channel. In this video I have used the FM Editor to create a new Football manager database. I have created all 32 NFL/American Football clubs and turned them into soccer clubs. In part one I explain the database and in part two we will go into the future and see how the league develops. If you enjoy it please leave a like and if you are new to my channel feel free to subscribe. I hope you enjoy playing it and have fun. Let me know in the comments about what you think and how your save goes.

This is the download link for all the Kit,, competition, and team graphics. You will need to unzip the file. Then place them all in your graphics folder. Then go into the game clear cache and then reload your skin.



If you haven’t already seen my current fm2018 series then feel free to check it out. You will find links to the series intro and playlist below.




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10 thoughts on “FM18 – What If The NFL Switched to Soccer – FM Editor – Football Manager 2018

  1. Epic idea for a database, like the changes with the LA stadiums, I wonder if the Raiders will ever get a new stadium in Oakland. Did you do anything different with Greenbay as they have their unique ownership rules? Is it to late to switch Angus Erskine to Greenbay. Please, pretty please, really pretty please?

    1. Awesome if you could do a save file. Yeah I’ve seen the new stadium for the Raiders and followed the whole debacle with them trying to get to LA and the Rams getting it, just be funny to see how long it takes for them to get a new stadium in the save. Can’t wait to do a Greenbay save with them fan owned.

    2. Sliperdog0 The Raiders are going to Vegas. Google the new Raiders stadium. It’s amazing. They move in 2 years.

      Green Bay like in real life are fan owned and will always be fan owned 👍🏻

      I can change it for you and give you a save file. As for Youtube I’ve already gone on holiday into the future ready for filming the next EP.

    1. Nova Furious Don’t really watch it anymore. I did watch it from the 80’s till the early 00’s. When Stone Cold retired I slowly stopped. I did go to watch Smackdown in Manchester about 10 years ago. Saw HHH and Taker. It Was amazing mate.

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