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Road to 4.0 Tennis: Wes vs. Nick – 12-19-2017 – Full Match #12

We're two 3.5 tennis players working to become legit 4.0s and apparently once one of us reaches 100 wins the world will explode. Wes (black shirt) - Nick (gray shirt) Tennis Match #12 - 12-19-2017 Score: 7-6 (9-7) Wes ; 4-4 (time ran out) We decided to call this a draw due to us

Tennis Ball Machine 2

Working on my ground strokes using a ball machine. Subscribe if you like my content Thanks for watching Follow me on: Twitter- Instagram-

Free Hitting – The Most Underrated Way Of Tennis Training

With so much information online and on the court about tennis technique, practicing patterns of play with drills and working on your mental game, you may forget that one of the best ways to practice is to just hit down the middle with your partner. It is one of the most